From student loan forgiveness to reducing tax drag on investments, Axias Wealth Advisors understands the unique challenges and financial planning needs of physicians.


As they start saving later than their peer group, face higher tax rates than many others, worry about creditors, and possibly must navigate significant student loan burdens, physicians should work with advisors who understand the appropriate protocols to install a financial plan mindful of their specific circumstances.

Our financial planning process begins with an “ice-breaker” phone call followed by a series of three meetings. After the introductory call and before the first meeting, we’ll provide you with a list of documents and details you’ll want to prepare.  During the first detailed meeting, we’ll interview you about your family, financial goals, incomes, current investments, insurances, credit, debts, and legal planning.  During the second meeting, we’ll share our findings, make recommendations for you to consider now as well as those you’ll want to understand for your future. After such a meeting, we’ll send you notes with definitions and action items to help you truly understand how your finances could be managed.  Our third meeting will simply be a debrief or “Q&A,” session.  During this time we’ll review the prior meeting, the summary email, and all questions you have.  Once you’re confident with your to-do list and new trajectory, we’ll begin working together.   For physicians, the initial call and 3-meeting process is complimentary. 

For those looking to learn about student loans, it can be helpful to follow these instructions to allow you to download and send us detailed summaries of your federal student loans.

When doing business with our firm, you’ll want to note we do our best to eliminate conflicts and offer programs where you can work with us under a monthly subscription, programs where we charge a fee to  manage your assets as well as programs where we can be paid a commission when certain products are used. 


We’re comfortable in all arrangements and will help you understand the pros and cons of each before deciding if we’re a great long term fit for you or you and your family.

Let's shape your FINANCIAL future.

Let's shape your FINANCIAL future.