Our process is entirely about you. We aim to provide a holistic financial strategy that encompasses all of your current needs as well as planning for your future goals. Our detailed process is highly collaborative so that your financial advisor is highly attuned to your goals. The result is a customized service tailored to you. 


We will cover all the finer details of your current financials, including:


  • Incomes
  • Expenses
  • Assets
  • Insurances
  • Legal planning
  • Debts
  • Credit History

What to expect

After going through our process, you should feel empowered and ready to tackle your highest priorities.
Ice Breaker

You and your potential advisor talk and share expectations of the process, define a scope for the work to be done, and ensure you’re the right fit for one another.

In-Depth Meeting

Then your advisor will dive into the details of your financials. You and your advisor will go through your highest prioritized goals and beliefs and all your financial information.

Financial Plan

After learning everything we can about you, our team will build a financial plan using services we provide both in and out of house designed to improve your current circumstances and future trajectory.

Instructional Review

You will then join your advisor for an instructional meeting in which you will review his or her findings as well as recommendations. These meetings are very detailed, so your advisor will send you a copy of the notes, definitions of key terms, and action items from this session. After reviewing your notes from us, your advisor will offer to debrief your prior conversations and answer any follow-up questions.


From here, our team members will offer to help implement each recommendation whether it’s something we provide directly, through a trusted contact of ours, or a guided execution via professionals you already know.

Review and Refine

Each year we repeat the process - as your lives, markets, and tax laws are always changing.

Nothing in life stays static. That is why our Wealth Advisors stay in tune with you as time passes. Financial planning is an ongoing and dynamic process that requires regular monitoring and adjustments as changes occur in the markets, personal needs, and circumstances. Your advisor will work with you to review recommended actions and goals annually to ensure they align with any changes in income, assets, business, or family circumstances.

Are you ready to start thriving?